Pugs_Laughing(1)What is the best fighter game ever and why is it called Street Fighter 3rd Strike?

So recently I wrote a post about games that make me a bit hyper competitive. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is one of those games. This is hands down my favorite game in the Street Fighter franchise, and, I can say with complete objectivity, the best fighter game ever made in the history of mankind.

Alright, I don’t really have any good reason why I like Street Fighter 3rd strike so much other than it’s the game in the Street Fighter franchise that I’ve played the most. My old roommates and I used to play 3rd strike all the time as well so it holds a special place in my heart.

It is a masterfully balanced game with an awesome cast of characters with vastly different fighting styles. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty good at it so that helps.

Pugs’ Squad: The A team. These were my 3rd strike standby’s.

Starting out we have Makoto. A powerful Karate fighter who’s avenging her fathers death, or something unimportant (who pays attention to the nonsensical story in these games anyway?) Her grapple and kicks are completely badass.


In the right corner you have Hugo. A heavyweight wrestler with brute force and strength. Hugo may be sluggish, but if timed correctly his attacks are devastating and also have considerable range.


Slinking in the other corner is Q. He’s well…. We’re not sure what he is. Rumor is that he’s some kind of half humanoid robot. Q is a heavy brawler, he’s a more defensive character with incredible stamina and explosive powerful attacks.


Enter: Pugs Arch Nemesis

One of my old roommates in particular would always play with Ibuki. Ibuki’s speed and agility make her a constantly moving target. Her shurikens keep opponents at bay while she gets in close, lands a thousand combos and then deftly jumps away.  In other words, in the right hands she’s incredibly annoying.


The Struggle

My roommate and I, let’s just call him Bastardman to keep track, would engage in a daily tug of war to see who would be the best Street Fighter in the duplex. Ibuki would flit about throwing her damn knives and I would swat at her as best I could. To be honest, Bastardman with his ibuki won more often than not. Which he would lord over yours truly with glee, not that I’m bitter or anything.

My other roommate, let’s call him Contenderman, would watch as our cold war unfolded. He had no real interest in Street Fighter but since we were hogging the T.V. he really had nothing better to do than to watch.

The Plan

After a particularly humiliating defeat to the Bastardman I had a devious idea. Contenderman was always watching our games, what if he were to get in on the action? Better yet, what if Contenderman trained in secret to defeat Bastardman? Bastardman would be knocked from his throne if the ‘newbie’ came in and mopped the floor with his Ibuki.

Queue Rocky Theme

For months Contenderman and I studied the ancient  art of Street Fighter strategy when Bastardman was asleep or at work. Reading by candlelight, sneaking around, playing with the T.V. on mute. Contenderman fell back on Ken and Ryu as his favorites. I learned to play Ibuki, imitating Bastardman’s style to prep Contenderman for the trials ahead. When he could defeat my Ibuki with ease I knew my prodigy was ready.

The Showdown


The day had come. Everything was in place. Contenderman was in the house, he had just eaten a dozen raw eggs, he was dressed in his fighting kimono, determined to be the best. To bait Bastardman I purposefully threw our first fight and then I made a casual suggestion: hey, what if Contenderman took a shot?

“Oh I’m not very good at fighting games, I’ve never played before, I guess I can try, guess I’ll just button mash”

The training paid off. Ibuki was defeated easily in 2 rounds. Leaving bastardman more than a little red and sweaty. Conterderman decided to quit while he was ahead but the blow had been struck. Bastardman was no longer the king of Street Ffighter 3rd strike in the duplex.

Sweet sweet victory.


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