Sharin no Kuni is funded.  Yay.


What the fuck, guys?

I mean, yay!  Yay for the industry.  I’m genuinely happy to see VNs being localized.  There are too many great games that will never see the light of day over here, and Sharin no Kuni may have never gotten an official release in the West if it weren’t for the support of its fans. So, yay!

But seriously, what the fuck, guys?

To see what I’m going on about, let’s mosey over to the visual novel database and take a gander at the Sharin no Kuni releases.


And now we’ll compare this with the Kickstarter localization project.


Anyone noticing anything?  Anyone noticing that every PC release in Japan is 18+ and for $80,000 we’re being offered a PC release with content stripped from the original game?

Oh, but don’t worry, there’s a patch available.  They don’t serve your kind in the actual shop, but if you go to the back door and ask in an appropriately servile manner they’ll give you the part of the game that they stripped out.  Well, that is, if you’re a backer.  If you’re not a backer, they have something else in mind.


Thirteen dollars to sell you part of the game that was there in the original Japanese release!  This is what you funded!  This is what you made a success!  Stop this madness!

If you can’t see why this is an exploitative venture built on greed whose success bodes ill for the future of the medium, then the chances are high that you’re not literate and therefore not reading this.  So I won’t fucking bother.  I’ll just state that this is disgusting and everyone involved in the creation of this affront to decency should be ashamed.  It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway for fear that silence will be interpreted as consent.

I do not consent to this.

If you really want to support the industry I would look to more honest localization projects and to Western developers.  If you have your heart set on Sharin no Kuni, I would recommend picking up a copy at amazon.co.jp and using a fan translation.  It’s a ten year old game that will cost you less than what these cocksuckers are charging for an inferior product but with the added bonus that you won’t be supporting censorship or the now common practice of slicing out chunks of games so they can be sold separately.

Extra Extra

There are plenty of guides detailing how to buy from amazon.co.jp (and other Japanese online shops), but you may wonder how to find the items you’d like to purchase, so I’ll just do a little PSA here on finding your visual novel.

Head over to vndb.org and find your game.  Let’s say that you’re looking for Little Busters.


This one’s actually a tough decision, since the original version was all ages and it was only a year later that the adult content was added in.  Let’s say you do your research and you decide that the sex was shoehorned in and you want to play the original version, so you select “Little Busters! – Regular Edition.”


Grab that JAN and paste it in at amazon.co.jp (or wherever you decide to shop).


There, you are now equipped to search a Japanese site while not speaking a word of the language, so you officially no longer have any reason to support exploitative Kickstarter projects.

So please stop doing so.  Pretty please.  Seriously.

Seriously, seriously, seriously, what the fuck, guys?

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