Pugs_Neutral(1)I don’t consider myself an overly competitive person. I like to take the high road and congratulate my opponent upon defeat, like a true gentleman and scholar. Ask anybody, Pugs is a paragon of sportmanship.

However, thereĀ are certain games that bring out a darkness that is too tantalizing for this gentleman to turn down. Games that fan my desire to crush my enemies, to have all the world tremble at my feet. If you stand between Pugs and victory when the madness takes hold you risk a knife in your back, whether you’re a friend or foe.

So…… there is a small running list of board games and video games that I no longer play with Friends and Family. This is mostly self imposed, although there have been a few formal requests. I reason that this is probably to everyone’s benefit, as they would just be embarrassed playing somebody so far above their league.

To name a few…

Board Games

  • Risk
  • Diplomacy
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Clue

Video Games

  • James Bond: Nightfire for PS2
  • Worms Revolution
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III

Which of course brings us to Heroes of Might and Magic III


Because Pugs was a super cool kid a raging Saturday night usually meant my friends and I would buckle up for 13 hours of HOMAM, a case of Mountain Dew, and 120 pizza rolls.

We never had any interest in facing off directly in HOMAM3. We’d usually team up 3 against 3, 3 humans versus 3 beefy AI’s. We’d take turns amassing an army of troglodytes or unicorns or whatever to explore and conquer.

So I was never really a terrible foe in HOMAM3, I was more of a terrible ally. In HOMAM3 it was all about numero uno. If a friend had their castle taken by a rogue AI, and they were cut off from returning home, I’d be willing to help… for a price. If they couldn’t pay the price, well, you could call me “The Late Lord Pugs”.

As everybody knows, beholders and evil eyes are the best warriors in the game. They have ridiculous range and strength. With a mob of evil eyes greater than 50 strong in your army you’re unstoppable. Just have some worthless dwarves or skeletons soak up damage while your evil eyes rain hellfire down upon the enemy.





I’m pretty sure the moment I was officially banned from HOMAM3 was when I ignored the peril of my teammates to take an AI dungeon town for access to production of those sweet sweet evil eyes.

Like I said, they’re probably just sore losers. I’ll be the better man and leave them be.

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