Pugs_Exhausted(1)I recently revisited one of my favorite RPG’s, the original Golden Sun for the Gameboy Advance.

I highly recommend Golden Sun for anyone who loves Japanese RPG’s and turn based strategy. In Golden Sun you travel the world with a crew of four magical adepts, collecting djinn and equipment for greater abilities, all the while battling those who would unleash the dangerous power of alchemy into the world.

Golden Sun
An adorable little Djinni

My Playthrough of Golden Sun

So there I was, playing through Golden Sun, flooded with the sweet intoxication of nostalgia as I traveled through the world of Weyard collecting Djinn and defeating evil magical creatures.

But then I got stuck. In the exact same spot I got stuck so many years ago.

Being a rational person my first reaction was to curse and throw my mouse against the bed in such a way as to not destroy it, but to punctuate my anger. (Unfortunately I was using an emulator to play this game, as 13 year-old Pugs did not realize the future potential value of the Gameboy Advance)

My second reaction was to google what the fuck I was doing wrong. Turns out I missed one of the main mechanics of the entire game. Nothing too big, no, just the fact that holding B lets you fucking sprint. All I needed to do was hold B and sprint across the area I couldn’t pass. Here you can see a video of a player deftly running through the spot where I kept getting swept away by a sand waterfall.

So although I love playing video games and I aspire to make them, I can’t really say that I’m objectively good at playing them. I’d like to think I’m like a fine chef; I can cook a fine meal, and I love eating fine food, but every time I sit down to enjoy a good meal I end up shoving the food in my face like a barbarian and getting it all over my clothes.


That must have been hard to admit.  I’m touched.  I almost cried.

While we’re confessing, do you want to tell everyone where you got stuck in Brothers- A Tale of Two Sons or should I?

frame-1Well, without giving too much away, there’s a section in Brothers – a Tale of Two Sons  where certain controls are necessary to furthering the storyline, and well, you see my PC controller had a few sticky buttons and I got stuck. It wasn’t my fault, it was my controller, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?

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