Life Is Strange: A Slow Burning Dumpster Fire

Pugs_Angry(1)Don’t be suckered in by the beautiful visuals, the glowing reviews, the promise of a patient and meaningful story. Life is Strange is an ok game at first, but it’s a slow burn towards a raging dumpster fire of cringe-worthy sloppy writing. For those who have played the game and disagree – please hear me out. At first I didn’t want to admit I’d been conned either, but upon reflection I couldn’t get past the creeping feeling that something was terribly wrong. There is help for you, and coming to terms is the first step.


Sharin no Kuni’s Kickstarter Campaign


Sharin no Kuni is funded.  Yay.


What the fuck, guys?

I mean, yay!  Yay for the industry.  I’m genuinely happy to see VNs being localized.  There are too many great games that will never see the light of day over here, and Sharin no Kuni may have never gotten an official release in the West if it weren’t for the support of its fans. So, yay!