Stonewall_HappyYou guys and gals ever notice how much crap people will lay on when they know they’re being scrutinized?

I’m talking about interviews, first dates…  Actually, fuck that.  I’m talking about everyday life.  I’m talking about everybody, everywhere, all day, all night, projecting only what they want people to see.  How can we possibly get to know anyone under these circumstances?

The answer is that we must observe them when they don’t know they’re being watched.

Hence my love for candid photography, the art of capturing people at unguarded moments.  With the flash of the camera we can see, for that frozen moment in time, what is on the end of everyone’s forks.

Nabokov in Bed


This is one of my favorites.  This picture captured Vladimir Nabokov in the process of leaning back against the wall in bed to watch some trash TV after a hard day of writing many of the most psychologically and morally complex and beautiful works of all time, the same works that would convince some illiterates that he was a dangerous pedophile and that his books should be burned.

Side note:  I’ll bet you anything that those who have actually read Lolita and those who want it banned are very rarely the same people.

Rest well, VN.  You deserve it.  I recommend Housewives of Atlanta.

Cioran’s smile


Another favorite of mine, I like to think of this one as the Mona Lisa of photographs.  A joke is told moments before, and this photograph is capturing Cioran’s half smile a split second before he throws back his head and laughs his signature wide open, toothy, slightly feral guffaw.  Shine on you crazy diamond.

An intimate moment with Neil Gaiman

stonepug gaiman

Not technically a candid photo, this is a still taken from an infrared camcorder that a groupie used to film an unsuspecting Neil Gaiman during their intimate tryst.  You should have had more faith in him, groupie; one can tell just by the soft look in his eyes that, despite the short time you knew each other, he was genuinely smitten.

Now his trust can never be restored.

Charles Dickens is concerned

Dickens Stonepug

Did I leave the oven on?

Stonewall Shellwalker thinks about all the little children


All the suffering little children.  Who will protect them?


Certainly not fucking me.

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