Announcing Visual Novel Vignettes!

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Announcing Visual Novel Vignettes

It’s our pleasure to announce VigNettes, Visual Novel Vignettes, short stories that are in a visual novel format which will be appearing on the first Friday of every month!  Some of these stories will be fictional, some will recount real anecdotes about the people at Stonepug, some will be comedic, some will be dramatic, but all will be written to entertain.


Sharin no Kuni’s Kickstarter Campaign


Sharin no Kuni is funded.  Yay.


What the fuck, guys?

I mean, yay!  Yay for the industry.  I’m genuinely happy to see VNs being localized.  There are too many great games that will never see the light of day over here, and Sharin no Kuni may have never gotten an official release in the West if it weren’t for the support of its fans. So, yay!