How to Create a Website Hosted Visual Novel with Unity

How to Create a Website Hosted Visual Novel with Unity.

Last year, while working on a larger Ren’Py Visual Novel, I had some serious writer’s block and I was feeling disheartened. The narrative wasn’t moving anywhere, yet I kept having all these unrelated ideas that didn’t really lend themselves to full length Visual Novels. I wanted to see if I could make a short, browser hosted Unity Visual Novel to help break my writer’s block and to finally finish something for once.


Life Is Strange: A Slow Burning Dumpster Fire

Pugs_Angry(1)Don’t be suckered in by the beautiful visuals, the glowing reviews, the promise of a patient and meaningful story. Life is Strange is an ok game at first, but it’s a slow burn towards a raging dumpster fire of cringe-worthy sloppy writing. For those who have played the game and disagree – please hear me out. At first I didn’t want to admit I’d been conned either, but upon reflection I couldn’t get past the creeping feeling that something was terribly wrong. There is help for you, and coming to terms is the first step.


Diplomacy: The Only Way to Win is to Tie

Pugs_Incredulous(1)Let’s talk about Diplomacy.

No, not the brokering of international relations. I want to talk about Diplomacy: the board-game.

Board-games you say? I thought Stonepug was a video game company? Well get ready to expand your mind a bit, cause Stonewall and Pugs do have lives beyond crappy retro children’s videogames. Sometimes we play convoluted games for vindictive adults.


Hustlin’ with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Pugs_Laughing(1)What is the best fighter game ever and why is it called Street Fighter 3rd Strike?

So recently I wrote a post about games that make me a bit hyper competitive. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is one of those games. This is hands down my favorite game in the Street Fighter franchise, and, I can say with complete objectivity, the best fighter game ever made in the history of mankind.