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Announcing Visual Novel Vignettes

It’s our pleasure to announce VigNettes, Visual Novel Vignettes, short stories that are in a visual novel format which will be appearing on the first Friday of every month!  Some of these stories will be fictional, some will recount real anecdotes about the people at Stonepug, some will be comedic, some will be dramatic, but all will be written to entertain.

To bring about this vision we’ve put together the best acting troupe in the business, including the beautiful, talented, and extremely expensive Lorelai!


Honestly, you didn’t have to mention “expensive”…

After Lorelai, we didn’t have much money left, so we appreciate Vivian, Pugs’ partner in love and crime, who is helping us out for free!


You call that an introduction?!

And of course, there’s Asimov!  Say hello, Asimov!



He’s just a little shy.  I’m sure he’ll warm up to the camera in no time!

Times to Tune In

VigNettes will be posted the first Friday of every month, beginning February 3rd!  Once posted, VigNettes will stay up until they’re replaced with the next month’s edition.

Be sure to check back occasionally as we’ll be trying to throw in extra VigNettes every now and then as our schedules permit.

See you all on February 3rd when we’ll be exploring an affliction so debilitating it threatens your independence and so insidious it can go undiagnosed for a lifetime!


Our lives will never be the same!

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