Meet the Stonepug team

Nathan “Stonewall Shellwalker”

Writer, visionary, compulsive steam trading card collector. Nathan has a special place in his heart for nacho cheese.



Ben “Pugs McCoy”

Programmer, researcher, connoisseur of terrible movies. Ben enjoys watching grand spectacles of human failure and eating pizza rolls



Kevin “Asimov”

Social media intern, really enjoys a good ham sandwich. Kevin’s enthusiasm is only matched by his love for positive thinking. He would like everyone to know that he draws all his own avatars


About Stonepug Studios

Someone once said…

authorphotoforwebSomeone important. Someone who knows. Someone who apparently teaches the subject very well, as he’s won many awards, some of which you’ve probably heard of, though the names slip past me just now. I can’t remember where he taught, but I’m sure it’s very prestigious.

Someone once said that meter is an unnatural restriction placed on a natural language with the intention of correcting it. The correction is not an attempt to display a necessarily just world, but rather the world displayed should always be true. This often means, strangely, that we edit and retroactively construct what actually is in order to better fit with our own idea of truth. But this is good, this is right. Leave it to the scientist to tell what is real, sometimes we’re concerned with what is, essentially, true. It is up to the artist to make that distinction and it’s up to the readers to decide upon its success or failure.

Despite everything I still believe that truth is the strongest ally a person can have. Unfortunately, the ebb and flow of fortune affects both the just and the u
njust man, and the strength of a vision and commitment to truth and justice is often lost in the minutiae of what actually is. So, I humbly present, &c, in an attempt, &c, to express what I see as, fundamentally, true, &c.pretentious

As to be expected with any enterprise of such scope and ambition, there were many naysayers. There were many who said a project like this was impossible, that the world was not ready, &c, perhaps too ahead of its time, &c.

And May God Bless Tiny Tim.

If masturbation were not a sin, and if it did indeed cause hirsute palms, then we could consider it a holy practice, a temporary balm against our sinful desire to copulate, the hair itself diminishing our vanity and providing a kind of hair shirt for the hands, a distinguishing characteristic of the truly devout. And may God bless Tiny Tim.

Ah, would you look at the beards on brother Justin’s hands!
Yes, yes, he’s been doing God’s work with great diligence.

Thank You!

We would like to thank our fans, whose support is the wind beneath our wings and without whom we could not operate.  No expression of gratitude would ever be enough, so we can only do our best to earn your support by continuing to entertain.
We would also like to thank the commissars and censors of the world who also act as the wind beneath our wings, spurring us on through sobering days by operating as a foil to all voices of reason.  We hope you understand that, despite our recognition of our debt to you, we feel no real gratitude as you’re a festering sore on the face of the planet and we sincerely think you would be better off dead.  To that end I would recommend the rope with hopes that you film its use.  Please also consider contributing to our Patreon.

“My name is Pugs McCoy and I do not support this message”